The Cats

It started with Cujo. She was the cat that didn't like anyone or anything - except Michael. Darci thought she needed a friend, so, in came Maxx.

Maxx, from the moment he arrived, drove Cujo nuts. He'd perch in high areas and pounce on Cujo as she'd walk by. Or, even worse, he'd hide and tackle her while she was looking in the other direction. The funny part of all of this was that Maxx was less than a third the size of Cujo, but he'd never stop trying.

Unfortunately, Cujo couldn't stick around long enough to see Maxx calm down - and get really fat. She's buried in a place that I chose for her because it's quiet and has a great view of a forest and field that I am sure she would have loved to wander around when she was alive.

Because it was obvious that Maxx needed a friend, Darci and I went out and found Bear. All the way back from the shelter, we were worried that Maxx and Bear would not get along. Our fears were soon proven wrong because the moment Maxx met bear, he started purring and trying to make friends. Now, Maxx and Bear do almost everything together, which includes trying to wake us up by 5a daily so that we can feed them.

Last, but not least, is Matilda (Matty). She found me one morning when I stopped to get my coffee and paper on the way to work. Although we tried to find her home, when we took her to the vet for a once over, it was obvious that she hadn't been taken care of where she had been. So, since she was getting along with Maxx and Bear, we decided to make her part of the family.